McPlot features include:

  • Program defaults may be customized for each user by means of specified environment variables.
  • The user has the option to log input, including comments for documentation.
  • System commands may be executed from within the program, providing the capability to examine or edit data, start jobs, search for files, etc., without exiting McPlot.
  • Device independent output, within the limits of screen size and resolution.
  • User controlled page layout: portrait or landscape mode, optional date/time stamp, number and size of plots, over-all scale factor, character size and annotation format, etc.
  • Multiple axes on one plot and any number of plots per page.
  • Linear and logarithmic grids and axes with automatic scaling or user prescribed axis scale and offset; polar plots.
  • User selected viewpoint, as well as the size and grid style of the reference sphere used for spherical perspective geometry plots.
  • User control over the placement of curve legends, titles, annotation of maximum or minimum and final values, etc.
  • Option to clip outliers as well as select segments of curves for plotting.
  • Option to place tick marks as a function of input data parameters; user determination of interval spacing and annotation.
  • Option to draw error bars around specified points using input data values.
  • Nine different types of dashed lines and eighteen centered symbols to distinguish curves.
  • Five user selectable fonts with scalable characters may be freely mixed for annotation. Additional mathematical symbols, Greek letters, superscripts and subscripts are integrated with the full ASCII character set.
  • Arbitrary placement of character strings, centered symbols, data values, lines, circles, boxes or arrows, etc., to supplement annotation.

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